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PALLETMAXX Is One of the Larger Distributors of New & Reconditioned Pallets in the Country, Delivering More Than 55,000 Pallets Daily!

Our mission is to continue developing relationships based on loyalty, respect and trust. Our ongoing commitment to quality products and unprecedented service sets us apart from the rest.
At PalletMaxx we know that understanding your pallet needs saves you both time AND money. As a result, we offer a large variety of dimensions and grades of pallets including stringer, block, and custom designed pallets. We offer a variety of wooden pallets including:
NEW:  Custom pallets designed and manufactured from new materials to fit your specific needs.
RECONDITIONED:  Standard size pallets made available from existing inventory.
REMANUFACTURED:  Pallets remanufactured with recycled wood, reclaimed from dismantled pallets and built to your specifications.
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